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Once upon a time in Paris ...

In 2012, 3 French guys with a mustache and a bad French humor got the idea of inventing a genuine French burger, with actual French cheese… And Big Fernand was born. « Big » because it is Generous, and « Fernand » because it's French !! Don’t say burgers, say « Hamburgés » !!

« All our burgers have typical French names »

(actually… names that were very fashionable in the 80s !)


Big Fernand

The iconic burger ! You can’t be wrong with this choice.

You have high-quality beef, the famous Tomme de Savoie cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, parsley. Our home-made cocktail sauce, Tata Fernande!

Be ready to be addicted to Big Fernand !



The victorious Victor !

A tasty alliance between veal and creamy blue cheese (Fourme d’Ambert), with caramelized onions, coriander and Tonton fernand mayonnaise.

You wouldn’t miss it for anything!



You’re a chicken lover? Go for Sara !

Sara has the perfect combination of softness and strength: seasoned chicken filet, Tomme de Savoie cheese, grilled peppers for a sweet touch, and our homemade sweet mayonnaise.



Simply Delicious !

To pronounce “Bartolomey”. It the 2nd iconic burger. Beef, raclette cheese, beef bacon, caramelized onions, chives… and you can choose between our Baby Fernand sauce (home-made barbecue sauce) and our Tata Fernande sauce.



Gaston is green !

Fancying some vegetables? Gaston has the answer, with a delicious Portobello mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, chives, and… of course… Tomme de Savoie Cheese !

Green, but French!



You’re a chicken lover AND a raclette lover?

Charles offers you both! Sublimated with caramelized onions and a homemade cocktail sauce, this burger is the perfect marriage between the tenderness of chicken and the melting cheese.

A taste of paradise.


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